Jun 26, 2011

fourth sex / party, concert

 pe puu, editor in chief looker
happy gay pride weekend everyone! hope you having a good week so far. as for myself yes i do hehehe! so many party last week and so many gender in our society today, man women gay katoey and so on.we must learn how to stay together in this society tho. looking out today is so clear what group u  r into on the street of bangkok and also something between. you are the one to choose and express yourself. life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone..  and here are some pictures i selected for you show each group. start w looker magazine x men in trend at paragon TGIF  party

 p it, stylist & kai
 dj knezt

 ek thongprasert

 candy and pe ong, street king!
 then new tapas silom soi4 w the headquarter's designers
 candy rolling around in mui mui
 w p ann

 then i went to kylie minogue aphrodite live tour. w araya.

 the die hard fans!

to be continued

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