Jul 19, 2014

pop up on 4th

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 me at greyhound pop up
 @nunym at contempo
 @trhzz at MSGM
 @mooeyewear at select by samsung galaxy
 @superverysnapshot , @niniwong at paul & joe
 @suntur at GLA
@notep at @emporiumpopupon4th #popupon4th
is the new space concept by samsung galaxy at emporium car park 4th floor. How to get there? go to G floor exit to car park building  press 4 on elev then you'll find a new flea market style art x fashion x music x food x lifestyle. everyday 10am-10pm. come to see both import and local brands such as 
Bikenstock Janesuda
Calvin Kliein
House of Holland
Container Rudimentary
Storia the little pink rabbit The Adjective and more
all on Sale! from 30%-60%
From today to August2014 change every3 weeks new concept! xxxx

Jul 13, 2014

shopaholic hot spot

 First Happy Birthday to me! I'm wearing prada silk coat from ss2013 which is a gift to myself. some girls have a dream dress for their wedding day but i save up for my designer item for my big day as well. This year my bd is the same day as the celebration of 555 days of the new Siam @thisissiamcenter and blog too.
 the empty room at Siam Center transform into a party space x club x pub concept by Art Araya and thanks to her and Siam for a birthday cake for me xxxx
 across the street are the new Siam Square! and this is my not so secret place Wildiconic
 at CTW. there's finally american rag cie. my fav shop from San Francisco where i used to get cloths and vintage stuff.

 awesome apolis bag! a must have
 me and linda in vintage and balenciaga, prada and costume national. at CTW opening of GROOVE.
 i love this nice cozy brunch place & cafe at the Terrace Sukumvit49 called GRAM.
 my fav manu here is this pancake banana caramel. so good
 my week ends at Siwilai Store at Embassy. tonight is the launch of Sretsis newest line of lounge wear "Sincerely Yours"
 group of friends here to congrats on the new success of Sretsis at Rocket x Siwilai
let's go shop & eat with me to the new Bangkok! xoxo