Jan 17, 2016

Best of 2015

Holiday in Huahin
 Happy New Year 2016! na ka everyone. May all you reader looker เฮงๆๆรวยๆๆๆ ปรบมือๆๆๆๆ555 Thanks for still come visit me here at mmcandy blog. Tho lately I've been update FASHION more on Instagram. For this post i want to keep all my best memories in 2015 here before i delete on my phone. so here we go the full review. I might have miss some moment or mention someone, SORRY #MMCANDYSTYLEDAILY hehehe

  concert hopping. with perfume genius 
 interview for Lips Palette Street Icon wear chanel, lalalove
 wonderfruit festival in sretsis, ponystone, saint laurent
 Valentino boutique opening in vintage Valentino ph. winniewinzen
 Soda Urban Nomads opening, wear vintage yves saint laurent, Louis Vuitton,soda ph Anon S.
  my most favorite party on earth Dudesweet. ph ken yashiro
 Hello Candy! model for Lalalove at BIFW. Paragon ph. big v
 My Balmain, simone rochas, saint laurent moment at BIFW. Bangkok FW. ph kkentia
 finally have chance to get photo taken by p Yai Amat. in saint laurent
 at Givenchy shop opening in Givenchy, chromehearts ph. winniewinzen
 at FFT5 asava show  ph. kkentia
 interview for 2magazine ph. jeeraw
 attended the shows, La Boutique in saint laurent

 Tapas bkk re launch party in saint laurent ph. jeeraw
 at Vogue who's on next
  interview for Instyle magazine in chanel, versace
 model for Greyhound campaign GH Family
  Loewe x N Kanzai project 
 snap at Elle FW2015 ph. garbaglapsap
  interview for Post Today. chanel, ponystone, BLACK
 Another story opening at EmQ wear miu miu ph. pongphoto
 motif x jim thomson in miumiu
 mmcandy review Koi Suwanagate yokdok project
 at BOYY BAG press preview wear ponystone, chanel and vintage chloe. ph. weerayut K
 Lips 100 online influences in Prada, wood wood
 nasha bag press preview 
 WWD Japan. wearing celine
 mmcandy by yeanz
 special interview wear JPG. by cheeze mag ph. ukarat
 snap in the jam factory magazine 
 interview in EP magazine by p Nat Prakobsantisuk
 at BFS. press con wear marc jacobs by bug sueb
 Loewe shop opening in miu miu and vintage

for my #candystyledaily in sretsis and hooks shoes. XOXO