Dec 28, 2010

my fav moment at asava

 my mood bord for asava s/s2008
 my mood bord for asava s/s2008
 asava s/s 2008 at elle. model:nuch
 asava a/w 2008 photo by p Nat prakobsantisuk, model: si
 asava s/s 2009  at BIFW back stage. nuch, pancake, darsha photo by p ko bazaar.
 asava s/s 2009 BIFW back stage. มารียา photo by p ko bazaar.
 asava s/s 2009 back stage ไผ่ photo by p ko bazaar.
 casting for asava a/w 2009
 casting for asava a/w 2009
 casting for asava a/w 2009
 fitting  for asava a/w 2009
  fitting  for asava a/w 2009 model: ปุ๋ย
 final  fitting  for asava a/w 2009 มีแอนด์ บี น้ำทิพย์
  casting for asava s/s 2010
  casting for asava s/s 2010
 asava a/w 2010 ลองชุด และคัดเลือกตัวนางแบบ

 asava a/w 2010 น้องเมย์
photos credit. รูปที่อ๊อฟฟิสส่วนใหญ่มาร์กจะเป็นคนถ่ายเอง


 4 get
 5 toni
 6 jui
 7 mike
 8 ton mai
 9 gus
 10 beam
 11 pey ( this cast was in 2009 for my mens line call m2)
 12 jay cloting from spooknic m2
 14 marcus
 15 jey ( this casting is for asava 2010)
 18 ( doesn't he looks like mario?)
 19 nike
 21 ejil
 22 ( should i just name this guy mmm?)

due to the high demand in my boy toy post, i decide to do this one; this is the unseen pictures from our casting for male models.for the summer show. some of them i can't remember name, so if u know pls. leave comment. only few make it to the runway show.

Dec 25, 2010

all about love

christmas is a time of joy, we celebrate the birth of jesus. and i had a really good time last night w true friends, the rainbow party at common ground was a blast! i dance to the live music bare feet until 4am. and thanks to the lovely dinner party at linda's place, kate made us the best beef stowe. :)