Mar 27, 2014

new world order

 C is for center chic cool candy
 A is for arts
 N is for news!
 D is for #ดีออก
 Y is why she? no she didn't...

CANDY love not war.
CentralWorld the center of entertainment food arts and fashion. open it new season Spring / Summer 2014 with the fashion show under theme " When Art meet Fashion" curated by P Tue. present art installation along with more than 40 designers labels under one roof in one cool show by to boy girls models , celeb , singer and movie stars.
So come to CTW. now for a new shopping experience.

Mar 17, 2014


i first meet her in fashion magazine summer 1994
 my very first prada nylon bag. purchased in San Fancisco in fall 1994
I decide to collect money from my part time job while go to school to buy at lease one piece of prada every season. one that best represent that unique collection. clockwise the maroon red nylon bag from fall 1995. navy nylon purse from summer 1996. miror leather bag from fall 1997. tweed night purse from fall 1998. canvas with ostrich trimming from fall1999
first prada dress from fall 2000 i got it at designer outlet shop in LA.
 i love this lips print on chiffon pleated skirt from prada summer2000
I'm back to Bangkok and i got this lookbook from prada shop summer 2001
 evening brocade night clutch from summer 2002 i got this at prada gaysorn
 the sex collection.prada winter 2002 campaign
 i worn the bib necklace from prada summer 2003
 ugly chic. 70s psychedellic x 20s art nuvo flower print silk blouse from prada fall 2003
 printed cotton blouse and shirt are from prada Tourist collection summer 2004
 this is one of my most fav collection of prada history. i set the new vintage trend in fashion
 my robots keychain bag and fur all from prada fall2004
 exotic bird of paradisco. hat pin necklace belt watch all from prada summer2005
summer 2006 campainge
 canvas with leather trim bag from summer2006. brown smocking leather bag fall 2006
 exotic place like India inspired prada summer2007. the dutchess silk satin blouse and necklace are prada the turban are vintage 1960s
 she experiment with the textile to make it no copy. amazing collection fall2007
 fantasy remain one of my most love collection from prada. the hybrid print created by the collab with artist James Jean
 The minimal Switz lace collection by prada fall 2008
 prada summer2009 inspired by primitive. the jacket fabrication was consist of real gold and metallic yarn.
 prada first resort collection 2009
 total look from prada resort
 fall 2009 prada revisit the idea of countryside. everything was heavy embroided and stud
 who can forget this chandelier shoes! from summer 2010
 beach life print on silk skirt and necklace from ss2010 ph w Joy
 real fantasy lookbook by AMO fall2010
 wool dress sweater w bow belt from fall 2010 i call it the sex katery collection
 me in prada summer 2011 tropical baroque multi stripe blouse fur stole and bag. here w wisk nhong and p art
 fall 2011 prada expand the size of normal button and belt buckel to make them icon and used thought out. so smart. that's what make her designer of designer.
 summer 2012 collection prada change it direction to retro americana. she used cyrstal on satin jacket pair with flair cartoon print chiffon skirt. also the come back of feminine jewelly.
 fall 2012 prada went ahead of time again to the future with geometric print and oversize jewel bead.
the Japan collection continue to surprize me. lookbook summer 2013
 i'm in silk tuffeta coat from ss2013 w p Joe
 at tribal theme birthday party with friend in wool zipper top and sweater by prada fall 2013 photo by Wirun
 the more you look more you love. prada summer 2014 art x sporty luxe
i love prada. need more to say?
continue read about my prada diary on mmcandy at DAYRE the new app on mobile phone. download today its free and its fun.

Mar 8, 2014

class act

spring / summer 2014 "jacob petit porcelain"
resort feel, a fusion of exotic and sophistication best describe this ready to wear collection. from short cocktail dresses to off shoulder maxi dress in sand color i see much improvement and more mature girl here. job well done bravo.
Vatanika available at paragon emporium and central chitlom

gossip girls

Nutdnai Ampornruengrong designer / founder and I
The Launch of AL' Manita spring/summer 2014 First collection "gossip in salon" at minibar royal. น้องณัฐเคยมาดูงานที่อาซาว่าเราเลยรู้จักสนิทสนมกันเป็นอย่างดี ดีไซนเนอร์หน้าใหม่ไฟแรงคนนี้ได้รับแรงบรรดาลใจจากการอยากแต่งหญิง เอ้ยไม่ใช่ จากการตามคุณแม่ไปร้านทำผมตอนเด็กและได้เห็นสังคมและโลกของผู้หญิงที่ชอบพูดคุย เมาท์มอย รูปปากจึงกลายมาเป็นลายผ้าและไอคอน ตัวแทนของสาวสวยเซ็กซี่ปนหวาน ลิปสติกก้อเป็นเหมือนตัวแทนของเค้าที่อยากเพิ่มสีสรรให้ผู้หญิงยุกใหม่
AL' Manita availble at Siam Paragon today!