Jun 11, 2013

hearts / dudesweet x absolut gatsby who?

Hot steamy night. looking out is the perfect Bangkok sky line. there a group of boys, girls, gay, bi and dolls dressing up and wear make up throw back to the era of roaring 1920s Neo Deco theme. its the night all the dreamers and dancers come together in "Gatsby Who?" by Dudesweet x Absolut ELYX Century of Sweden. at Long Table.

Jun 8, 2013

lonesome cowboy

 M man
 Rang Surasak and i
 hatter with p didi
 yui, paloy, moi and ma country girl sister
 joy anada and the gang
A Man's Soul
The Photography Exhibition by Surasak Ittarit and friends
styled by Ananda Chalardchareon
art direction Kritsada Phakawatsuntorn
Bad Motel 2nd floor Thonglor
show today until 14th June 2013

fin land

 p nym be my guest, real chef jimmy and moi
magnum cafe open until August13
 cindy, p art stylist for the magnum event, moi, toey vinrat
 moi, measa and boaz
 m man
 nong ally so cute strike a pose in my Activity1 hat
 nong earn the hot model turn gay when holding my baby Chanel
โฮ๊ะ Brownie Boy VS Strawberry Girl
Magnum Thailand launch the new flavor "Magnum The Chocolatier" and presenters YaYa and Ananda at the Magnum Cafe Siam Center.

Jun 6, 2013

it takes two to make an accident

Poster by O teerawat
 A short film by Note Pongsuan / cast ME and friendzzz
MM Candy shoot by Gene Kasidit
now... watch Kate and I acting like a fool in Dudesweet the movie.

Dudesweeney Dudesweet Presents
"Gatsby Who?"
The Party with ABSOLUT ELYX
Saturday 8th June 1925
22:00 hours onward
Long Table Sukhumvit 16
Dresscode : Cat
See You XOXO 

Jun 4, 2013

together in electric dream

 Today in a fast living life, we can't deny the power of team work or collaboration work to created impact dreams. that's why Siam Center the mealing pot of ideas is asking 100 artist designers and celebrities to show their "Collaboration" works. included me in an exhibition on first floor until end of June2013.
 tim, jib, me
 first, pa ou, me

 life display newest collection from designers in Siam Center x Siam Discovery
 with my beloved sisters p art and kate
mmcandy love Wonderanatomie at Siam Center 3rd floor x Nhong
wow! gene kasidit x nadej
check out more picture at http://www.thisissiamcenter.com/ by p Tue