Apr 9, 2019


 Vatanika SS19 / Janet Jackson at American Music Awards in the 80s
 Milin "Front Row" SS19 / Linda Evangelista in Ungaro Elle Magazine 1987
 Pichita "The Golden Hour" SS19 / Madonna in JPG Blond Ambition Tour
 Sor GorBor Warship "สับปะรังเค โชว์" SS19 / Boy George in the 80s
 Tube Gallery "Wearable Art" SS19 / Emanuel Ungaro 1985
 Nagara SS19 "The Floating World" / Kansai Yamamoto 1982
 SIX P.M. "No Connection" SS19 / Madonna Like A Virgin 1984
  SIX P.M. "No Connection" SS19 / George Michael Wham 1984
P Mith SS19 / Grace Jones 80s

The rising of Diet Prada on Instagram last year was phenomenon. But it is same thing I did long time ago before when I started Facebook so i don't know who copy who?? LOL so I like to delicate this post to all the designers and fans who in love & slave to fashion with this act of kindness, no bully comment, expose or accusing anyone of wrong doing rather more to tell a picture story and support the theory. Each one born different so I believe each person knowledge to act and think different. Therefore everyone has it own right & title to express their own feeling & individual ideas. Sometimes the idea just happen, it's an purely accident to think the same at the same time or sometimes it's intentionally copycat. Some use word like inspirational or homage but that's all in the eyes of the beholder. I hope it's all for good. We must learn from history, lesson, mistake and improve this fashion industry  forward to the bright future #mmcandyblog I have put together a looks from recent Bangkok International Fashion Week Summer 2019 #BIFW2019 along with the images from Internet of my favorite era 1980s. This to salute the work of all my Thai fellow artists not to compare nor making a drama issue of who did it first! Enjoy your summer holiday