Oct 30, 2013

multiple / bfs for paragon

The phenomenal collaboration of top Thai Designers BFS. with Paragon and Emporium Department Store. 10 Brands limited piece mix & match up to 30 looks. exclusively available tonight til next month only. หูววเดี้ยวนี้ไปเดินห้างช่างแสนสะดวกสบาย ที่จอดรถพร้อม ที่กินครบ แถมเดินเล่นซื้อของต่อได้สเบยๆ ดีไซเนอร์ได้เลือกสรรสิ่งพิเศษให้ท่านลูกค้าเสมอ และนี้ก็เป็นอีกสิ่งหนึ่งที่น่าสนใจ และจับจองเป็นเจ้าของกันได้แล้ววันนี้

Oct 27, 2013

hi henry

 henry holland and mmcandy
 mmcandy and house of holland aw13 so fantastic!
 pippa, dj note dudesweet, mark k, pierre, eric
 mint, moi, natee
shop opening party at Contemp Salon Siam Paragon M Floor.
The pops dots mix stripes and cartoon Popsicle pip pip has landed here in Bangkok!
Go go check out and get one or two or three.

Oct 23, 2013


mmcandy for singular by platt
fanntaji- service by isamu gakiya
 fitting into tokyo by ryan chan
symbiosis by yuree kensaku and may t
 behind closed doors by ลิเกบายเดอรี่ and pom jipratak
ero-kawa by yasumasa yonehara
sth good can not be miss is this! Here is ZINE 7th Bangkok-Tokyo
curated by Kanoknuch S and Hiro Sukiyama
Here is ZINE the handmade book exhibtion start in 2010 Japan. The theme is different every time. And this time is here in Bangkok. please go see the amazing works of over 38 artist such as Dj TowaTej, LOLAY, LeslieKee, ZudRandMa Records, Rukkit K at Nexttonormal Store CTW. today!

not alone in the dark

Greyhound NOIR
"illusion in the dark"
capsule collection aw13
@Royal Bangkok Sport Club

Oct 20, 2013

sense of wonder

 today i'm in chanel
 parallel light photo exhibtion by supervery snapshot or svss.
 phang, me switch pants to sretsis rework with svss anon, o thongtai and pa thep
 agelika at elite
 n joy and moi work the printsss at bed motel thonglor
 kassy  by chubbychain at FCUK. with music by dj pa wa's and dj pom pom.
 nino by chubbychain
 artist chubbychain at french connection "from sketch to art exhibition" at moose ekamai
 with the artist oh hatairat and curator jeed.
 art work by oh.
exclusively last art work by Mamafaka MMFK for french connection

street wise / snap at elle fw aw13

 ying mm in asava
 o thongtai in kemissara and her own jewelry with me in lanvin over muji t shirt and cat p jewelry
 paloy h wear playhound, ree erb, joy anada in the only son jacket infront of playhound show
 peter and nadia model off duty in front of something boudoir show
 namwan in painkiller at painkiller show, bobby elle editor, paloy in her own him&her total look
 day2 i'm in givenchy with asava team, pop, way in asv and toey/ designer asv
 pa turk, p di, ploy, ong in vtg, ston editor l'optimum at vatit itti show
 aey/ stylist, and son of italia (name?)
art, me in givenchy and theatre necklace with adi before theatre men show aw13 all at elle fashion week at CTW.
who said street style is dead?? kor no ni. tommy and scott still alive and well. as much as we enjoy the fashion circus. be careful you might be a part of them.

Oct 17, 2013

the show must go on and on / elle fashion week fall2013

 so pure and modern at Vickteerut @FFT3
 welcome to danceteria Kloset, is supa fun and vibrant
 tribal Queen Issue @FFT3
 best fitting suit and man of 4x4MAN @EFW men
 the young and romantic, Painkiller
 hello The gay Gangsta boiz. Theatre @EFW men
 Playhound dude, you rock man!
 the poetic charm of TheOddyssee @EFW
 stunning lady of Vatit Itti
 outta space couture at Hooks
 chic invader Curated by Ek Thongprasert  ph.linda
 Tutti fallen angel  ph. svss
 urban jungle at Vatanika
Kemissara mysterious play
the real party Girl, Milin @EFW

Okay so that's a wrap for Bangkok Fashion Week fall/winter 2013 Collection. What a week of pure energy, faith, and money.
I want to leave a good note from an article in up coming Elle Men Thailand 0 issue about Thai fashion industry. Thai fashion is Uncertainty. the consumer change their behavioral psychology all the time so Thai designers must follow trends in order to sale. Tho some designers are showing more of their Identity but still not yet there. The rise of Celebrity Designer are also changing the map of Thai fashion industry.