Oct 23, 2013


mmcandy for singular by platt
fanntaji- service by isamu gakiya
 fitting into tokyo by ryan chan
symbiosis by yuree kensaku and may t
 behind closed doors by ลิเกบายเดอรี่ and pom jipratak
ero-kawa by yasumasa yonehara
sth good can not be miss is this! Here is ZINE 7th Bangkok-Tokyo
curated by Kanoknuch S and Hiro Sukiyama
Here is ZINE the handmade book exhibtion start in 2010 Japan. The theme is different every time. And this time is here in Bangkok. please go see the amazing works of over 38 artist such as Dj TowaTej, LOLAY, LeslieKee, ZudRandMa Records, Rukkit K at Nexttonormal Store CTW. today!

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