Dec 20, 2010

dudesweet 8

 it start off w only a small group of ppl who share the same believe. now it become a big event party! note love the movie ; dude where is my car  and REM. then they just need place to hang out, then  the drag queens come. and now i've been party w them for over 8 years! people i meet here r as sweet as it name. i love the music they play the energy and i can really dance and have loads of funs here.
 tow, ip
 louie dancing
 nan teerawat/mizcha
 dj maft sai
 khun kadam เซิ้งกิ่ง
 maan is sometimes working for time magazine?

 pose pose
 we like to pose w r hands
 pom pom
 dj knatz
mike and the gang, gaew/ kate/ linda/ tum

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