Dec 11, 2010


 nov nov nov i'm not talking about blackberry! i'm talkin bout Brigitte Bardot the french sex boom icon of the 70's. shes fab, men wants her and all the girl want to look like her! (maybe?) the blond big fluffy hair, dark eyes shadow and pale lips with cigarette and the sexy personal style on and off camera. i love her style.

 she's the center of attention in canne
 i love this picture took in spain 1971
 wow look at her style! i love it
 her gap teeth is like her trademark   now lara stones been refer to her
 i'm sure many of you seen this image, now u know her

 bb in her street style
 this image can inspire u to get into leggin and flat? and stripe
 another look i like, the hair style, and look like she carrying an apple books :)
cool, she used to shared a man w jean berkin?


  1. Wow - BB sure had style! I don't think I've seen a headband worn with such attitude in a while.
    xx Vanessa