Dec 13, 2010

bb baba biba

 แน่นอนที่สุดแล้วว่าลึกๆแล้วแคนดี้ชอบยุค60-70sเป็นที่ซู่ดดไม่ว่าจะเป็นเสื้อผ้าหรือหนังและเพลง คราวนี้มาถึงเรื่องของ"บีบ้า" ห้างสุดเปรี้ยวในลอนดอนที่ดังมากในยุคสวิงกิ้ง60sแต่ต้องปิดตัวไปในปี1975และกลับมาใหม่ในปี2006โดยผู้หญิงชื่อเดียวกับแม่มาร์กคนนี้ Barbara Hulanicki

In 1964, the original Biba was born, founded by ex-fashion illustrator Barbara Hulanicki, as a small fashion boutique in Abington Road, West London.By the early 1970′s Biba’s popularity had grown to such an extent, it became the first new department store to open in the capital since World War II.Its seven stories sold everything from women’s fashion and accessories, feather boas, soft furnishings, children’s clothing, make-up and accessories to cheekily packaged pet food.All this in a retail space that combined Art Deco, Nouveau, Victoriana and the golden age of Hollywood and was described at the time as a “strange Disney land,” “a dream machine,” and “a fantasy made real.”
At Biba, creativity and freedom reigned supreme. White-lipped, pin-legged shopgirls were instructed never to approach the customers. The phrase “Can I help you?” was banned. And music was always played to the maximum volume. This wasn’t shopping. This was an experience.
By 1975, Biba had been instrumental in transforming London into the most fashionable city in the world. Legions of fans flocked to its Kensington High Street store. Freddie Mercury lounged on its leopard skin sofas. Lou Reed wore its black nail polish. The New York Dolls played a legendary two-night stint in the Rainbow Room upstairs.
But in 1975 the dream ended as the store closed down. As Alwyn Turner wrote, “…[it] fulfilled the rock & roll promise to live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse, and is consequently remembered with a fondness almost unique in the world of retail.” via
 candy love make up like dis! smocky eye tiny tiny brown and dark plum lips
 the cosmetic counter at biba
 biba fashion
art deco design
 biba shop girl " can i help you?"

 barbara h and her hubby stephen w models inside biba
 hey hey hey dat cat print look mui mui
 biba shoes
 biba typical style bell sleeve, bell bottom and platform shoes
 so pretty w art deco inspire, so i think is ultra chic for them then like we look at 60s now?
 cute drawing
 hehehe cool, by the way do u know anna wintour start her fashion career here!
they really did thing differently, from only mail order to the empire of biba! viva vintage xoxo

moi in prada

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