Jul 8, 2011

retail therapy

 shopping is one of the best thing i can get off! after bad day or wanna update my looks. this is the quickest way. nothing to loose really, its all related. i make clothes so y not go see what other ppl. r doing. i dont wanna stay in the closet all day and closed my eyes to the world. today i went to the soft launch of one of my oldest friend nong kay's newest THEODDYSSEE flagship store, at CTW, 1 st floor, Beacon zone
 atmosphere inside the shop very nice and welcomimg space with high ceiling. on the other side display the art work of such pomme and konkrit. artist friend which always the concept of the store.
 clothes she designed reflect her personality of poetic feminine with a good sense of modern retro. her spring-summer collection she named it "it's a funky world after all" yes! really we r a funky bunch! hehehe

 thats my mother's name you know. also salang mean eiบ้า
 the interior designers

jaja. key. pompom
 nothing can go wrong or nothing bad could happen to me in here.....
 my sanctuary, my faverite hinding place. and ofcause lots of my mony goes in here prada
 today in vintage gianni versace shirt belt, leather short and bag. shoes js. wing

 also same floor at ctw. is the new soda "free me" shop. p kob designer/ owner keep the spirit of hippy mix 60s mix punk mix hand made feel ethnic cloths that she always been doing. we love her and her brand because she is always who she is. high in history and high in spirits.

soda freeme
 then off to siam. my fav hanging out place. and what a better ideas than going to see one of the bangkok it girl; p num of kanzia optic http://mmcandybkk.blogspot.com/2011/04/it-girl.html the always chic lady. who own one of the first cool glasses and sun glasses for both boiz and gurl and whatever store in siam area before others optic shop are following u know what i'm talkin about. she gave a good advice on street fahion and high fashion to a customer who walk in her shop. today she is in rick owens and kind enough to pick me a cool pair of linda farrow x js. http://www.jeremyscott.com/ to try on. and i love it! again this is the quickest and the best way to covering up the "dont wanna b seen".


so whats new pummy? always ask question every time i pop in. and again my mony loves it here. cus she always got a good stuff to show. okie ppl. it's a sale season. go out enjoy and thanks for talking your times to read me :>>>

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