Jul 14, 2011

grey ant

lately i've been over the perfection beauty and move into this kidda offbeat beauty or the humor in design. due to the sickness of thai politician.eventho fashion itself is a political in a way. however get dressing up today is also a form of release in emotion i guess. and mine is happiness.
 introducing "grey ant" the cool sunglasses originate from NYC. worn by lady gaga, beyonce, rihanna and love by many others hollywood celebrity. http://www.polyvore.com/grey_ant_sunglasses/shop?brand=Grey+Ant&category_id=57 one here i've got is the clear one. complimentary from pe num of kenzia optic, the only distributor in thailand! shop located on siam square soi2. it comes in black, red and clear like the one shown. please go visit her shop next time you r in siam! and thx to you pe num:)

i wear mercibeaucoup x kitty at blackjack. shirt by lucien chabest from second hand store in paris and bernhard willhelm short.

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