Jul 11, 2011

it girl III

ชาลิสา วีรวรรณ(chalisa viravan) bloger, stylist, fashion designer.

i first met nee in san francisco. we went to the same art college there. i like her bubblely personality and her always happy face. she start her blog http://www.tasteofnowhere.com/ about the same time i did. not many girl in bangkok doing blog (at that time)or do an interesting story the way she does.if you want to learn more about taste, visit her there. in her blog not only you'll see and read about fashion but you'll find nee spotted interesting people, books, arts and places you never been to. nee has such a unique taste. shown here in her many looks but one spirit. chalisa viravan have worked as a stylist, she is a contributor to various magazine such as elle, hi-so party. she also used to worked as a fashion designer for muung-do. girl of many talents? i say yes!.

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