Jun 3, 2011

art bloom

 "disunion"  is the debut solo exhibition of photographs by benya hegenbarth. the thai-german graduated and have worked in usa. and now base in bangkok.his new works show the series of picture taken during his travel through northern europe prints on washi paper which reflect the mood of isolation, nostalgia, worn and washed-out unlike the wold of social network and cyber whore that's happening now. "disunion" june2-30,2011 at H gallery sathorn soi12
 orchid show at siam paragon


then it's  pod designer's munchu party.
 dj pom pom
 my princess lulu
 linda and jan
 mulee looking pretty!


you can now see munchu's newest collection "in bloom" at1st floor siam paragon. flower is every where today! at munchu at paragon and me a cyber whore darling!

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