Jun 12, 2011

groupie trasher gaga night

 i give her 10 for her determination.
 little  monster
 lady prada
 he rocks! yp
 she rocks! shade of gaga

 miss dale
 her dress and head piece is couture darling.
 now... rock me baby!
keaw, gene
 ark performing outfits
"trasher" is a name of a group of people who likes to party and they beliefs in the same same things. one of it is music. this is their third gaga party theme call "born this way" right timing for lady gaga lovers which is so many.i'm one of them who believe in gaga even tho i hate just dance. but last night i had a good time meet the new interesting  monster plus i dance the night away w the group of people who beliefs in what i believe in.

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