Aug 30, 2011

how do you do?

 classic chanel tweed jacket with cc button and silk lining.
โซ่ทองเคที่สอยติดชายเจ็กเก็ตชาเนลทุกตัว เพื่อทำให้ผ้าทิ้งตัวและอยู่ทรง

hello darling!

"the ads" what make the product more expensive.

chanel always define the word "luxury" not only because it come with the word "price tag" (nor jessie j.)but it really prove it. how? this is 6 reasons chanel jacket is so expensive. 
1. the design
1.1they fit so well, you can dance in it!
2. hours put in the making of it in other word the craft man ship
3. materials how light and how it feel on your skin
4. the detail such as the button, the silk lining or even the pocket
5. they look nice! and you can wear them for a long time
6. it's not like the fake chanel bag that everybody are carrying.

ok ok i stop bragging, the real answer is i'm just filthy rich and famous and beautiful. nooo! i'm kidding, i think it's more like destiny and how i shop! most often ask questions like where do i shop and how did i get my hands on these stuff. well well listen to this.
since i'm on line so much, i do shop here on Internet! web like eBay offer you good variety.
i also shop everywhere else like siam to ตลาดนัด to jj the weekend market where i find all this เนื้อคู่ designer brands 2nd hand for the price หลัก x,xxx to xx,xxx for real!!