Aug 10, 2011

princess ploy

in mile's top @ rsu. cheapmonday jean, Christian Louboutin mj shoes
 in prada custom made shirt and trouser.
 i'm in acne top and balmain sweat pant
 i'm wearing asava custom made shirt
 in lanvin t-shirt and jacket.
 comme des garcons top asava cotton lace jacket. jimmy choo bag
 with boyy in jil sander top and prada neck, grey ant spec.
with ploy in junya watanabe comme des garcons top and jacket, alexander wang pant and dior sneaker.

i've been following her blog for a while. i must say she took the best pictures of me and picture of others interesting thing she sees and capture the moment in her "เกินเอื้อม" world . ploy laohapongchana (พลอย ชวพร เลาหพงศ์ชนะ) is the small girl with big dreams and big artistic talents. she been go around parties, fashion show and places more than one ordinary girl would go and share it in her blog to some 500 followers fans and some 610,000 times views! that's a big number for a girl who enjoy using her free time writing blog apart from her full time job as a stylist. her hobbies included  a wonderful hand made accessories and ofcause a very beautiful  photos here!. again i must say we both have a passion for fashion! visit ploy blog here>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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