Aug 11, 2011

full force celine

 it was this celine spring/summer2010 ready to wear collection that started this whole minimal thing. i mean the house of celine wasn't that bad before or before Phoebe Philo came fashion in 2010 is like the new feminine. marc jacobs, lanvin and prada was doing great! but until Phoebe Philo come again she set the new standard of new strong and powerful femininity. she really clean up all the fancy and madness in fashion and put reality luxuriously sporty elements back to the circle. คอลเล็กชั่นนี้แหละจ้าที่เป็นตัวเริ่มทุกสิ่งทุกอย่าง ของผู้หญิงทรงพลังมาดแมนนิดๆเปิดตัวมาแล้วววว
 pre fall 2010
 fall/winter 2010
  celine fall ads
 resort 2011 ;here comes the sport x color block and 70s tunic
 rich and good taste simple but sexy! women carry "classic box" via jak&jil
 s/s2011 denim x oriental Strong. Powerful. Reduced!!!
 summer ads
 everyone wants " the luggage" i mean how many bags do we need? is the answer still one good investment that will last a long long time? mine is multiple.

 i love the color combination! pre-fall 2011

via w.
 and  then the fall 2011 collection that were inspired from the old car! clever x100!!  Philo has nailed the essence of what modern, style-obsessed women want right now .
the latest resort 2012 a hint of 1970s modern hippie.
 tote bag
Phoebe Philo the women the mother the creator behind celine. the come back of the new minimalism.

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