Aug 24, 2011


fashion model is getting younger younger everyday. other day the models walk in for casting and she said she is 14 yo.! thats crazy, thats put me in a 80 yo. in fashion world.  it's like child abuse. i mean how did she come to work? did she took a bus to the studio by herself? this shocking images are from the 15-page spread in a French Vogue issue guest-edited by fashion designer Tom Ford back in January. i know this is a styling and ford like to do thing on the edge.could this be a new trend? mayb, mui mui is using Hailee Steinfeld for their new ads! and marc jacobs been using teen idols like Elle Fanning for years. the model in the set above,her name is Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau and she is just 10.
pretty isn't she. yes very just like a young rose. but i hope it last.

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