Dec 14, 2011

forever grunge

 i love grunge style. its young and its full of story.
 it was the early 90s in my college year, the time when i try to discover my inner self. i started to experiment with lots of things. music movie and definitely the way i dress. i enjoy shopping at the thrift shop because second hand cloths look cool. they are one of a kind and affordable. no uniform so i'm more free to be cool and to be wrong. sometimes designers stuff doesn't hurt. i collect money from my part-time job at the boutique to spend on my dream piece like helmut lang and gucci.
 grunge is like a new hippie. you mix lot of things that are familiar to your everyday life.
 kurt who??
 Emma Balfour along with kristy and kate. the androgynous models
 Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth the godmother of 90s cool
 Elastica frontwoman Justine Frischmann. America had Kurt and Courtney Meanwhile, over in the U.K., there was Damon and Justine of Blur and her.
 PJ Harvey and Björk
 Winona Ryder she symbolized the beauty of the nineties.
 Kathleen Hanna
 Jenny Shimizu Discovered by a casting director for Calvin Klein. later the face of the pioneering unisex scent CK One,
  star of Natural Born Killers, Juliette Lewis
 Bridget Fonda.
 Claire Danes in the MTV show "my so called life"
 alice dall
 Daria, the gen x icon
 men style : plaid shirt, old tee shirt, old levis, converse, tattoos and hair
 kate moss and the face, i-d, purple, dazed and confused magazine
 marc jacobs every collection and the "grunge" collection for Perry Ellis
 mary kate and ashley olsen
 smashing pumpkins
who can forget, Courtney Love of hole. and beck and..... u and u u u know:)

i'm in vintage harley davidson leather jacket, givenchy tee and chanel.

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