Dec 3, 2011

it bag

 i totally obsess with him after i flip through the best cheeze guy 2006-2010 on newsstand now. his name is yuranan pommunchockchai, โบร๋ว he is a bass player of "the groceries" photograph by atitaya s in 2007. cheeze is a monthly thai street style magazine. i'm a regular fan of this magazine.they snap picture of youngster on the street but sometimes i have to say i wonder yyy some of the people feature in there?// but some are just naturally cool. like this guy, what he hold in his hand is a brown paper bag from เจริญจิต which is an old shop for traditional thai costume and souvenir?? accidentally or on purpose? i don't know, but the result is cute.

มาร์กชอบเปิดดู ชีสแม็กกาซีน แล้วบางทีก็แอร๊ยส! เอาคนนี้มาลงได้ไงเนี่ย? แต่บางคนก็ชอบเลยอะ! แบบว่า เออ น่ารักดีอะฮะ. my very own version of ทวีวงศ brown paper bag. miu miu cashmere pullover and bag. :)) have a nice weekend everyone!

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