Dec 17, 2011

hey mr.!

 There is no mercy in fashion world really. so many times we judge others or have been judge by others. and so many time we want to prove our innocence intention of originality but we don't really have to because we should stay true to who you are at the end. i do check bryanboy's website on regularly basis even before it turns to dot com. i see the personal grown in both his way of thinking and self  transgression,transformation, and expression. from his flamboyant look "เจ้กึ่ง" to the high end boyish street looks on the brighter day. many time i was surprise by his familiarity to what i was wearing at the time. this morning on his post on tokyo photo diary, his Adrienne Landau yellow feather coat to the prada show in Tokyo reminds me of what Anna dello Russo worn in september to milan fahion week. it was versace dress and the press compere her to mr. big bird! they also ask who worn it better?

 taking a picture with his pal, Rumi in prada aw11 coat. on the post of his trip to japan on 8/12. again this look is similar to what i worn before to the fashion filed trip in September! hahahaha. just a funny thought and i'm sure no one want to be compare right everyone? co incident??

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