Oct 6, 2011

you better run you better run, faster than my bullet / snap

mui mui
 tyler brule', of wallpaper* and now monocle was in bangkok on sunday and i went to see him. he doesn't want to be photograph. so i did this my way.
shin & cassey
it's been a very busy and exiting week for me preparing a show on monday for asava at tcdc.multitasking jobs including everything from design,production,styling,accessory, casting, fitting,invite ppl. cat fighting errrrrr!! after paris fashion week, now it's time for bangkok fashion week. i know it happening during such a hard time for thai people. but what can i do to stop the rain? nothing but can only send hope help food money and heart. also my condolence to steve jobs, man who forever changed the technology and the way we lives.

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