Oct 27, 2011

prada lookbook

 prada start off the it fantasy lookbook really in the spring summer2007

 fall winter 2007

 spring summer2008

 fall winter 2008

 spring summer2009

 fall winter 2009

 spring summer2010

 fall winter 2010

 spring summer2011

 fall winter 2011

okay! see and download your fantasy here >>>>>>>>>> http://www.prada.com/en#!/real-fantasies-fw11/open-project


  1. i need a pink wool jumper from winter 2010....
    still searching for 'that' everyday 555

  2. i need evrything from prada ja . hahaha
    have a safe and dry day.

  3. 555 me too!
    by the way... i've to pay you for a shirt from your shop
    but i haven't met you for a long time (so sad about J.J.)
    how much for that shirt ka?
    it will be appears on looker magazine next issue (012)
    i'll show you later na ka :)
    safe 'n dry day too

  4. will wait to see new looker! and the re-open of juktujak soon.