Oct 16, 2011

snap at elle aw11

 marc, p ford of elle, sunshai/ designer
 nee of taste of in vintage/ p doy elle

 namwaan of disaya
 suppakit/ blogger

 him and son gangster boiz
 ton in levi's
yaya @ nagara show
back stage at 4x4 man

 au titi at the contemporarist by ocac.

candy boiz! at senada* show
 bobo/ designer

 gift in henrik
tumm in henrik and p.am @ uncensored ctw.
 song in givenchy top and sandal

 jen, paul
 dul, seth / blogger

 donnie, pumm, ay
 tea of curated
 paloy and p ong
 dj. moew mix from paris for w.
off stage snap. capturing directly from elle bangkok fashion week a/w2011 collection at ctw.

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