Oct 25, 2011


prada and her team always came up with new project or something that will surprise us all the time. i'm one of her devoted fan. as you can see in my fashion journey diary here. now seems like almost everything i use daily is prada from cloths to cosmetic to perfume to bag shoes and accessories to art to films, graphic, books and all the visual to mind stuff everything is prada (i wonder if she will create prada food?). and i like to keep it this way. for every new collection come out, i will buy at lease one piece. show here its a wallpaper project. each one has it own title and year they were designed for example : futurama 2004 which is a retail wallpaper display a strange super human who frolic nakedly in a hyper colored edunic landscape. so to all prada fan its free! , you can download this 17 wallpaper at>>>>>http://www.prada.com/en#!/wallpapers  ทุกซีซั่นมาร์กจะสะสมของจากปราด้าคอลเล็กชั่น อย่างน้อย1ชิ้น แต่นี้สำหรับแฟนๆปราด้าเข้าไปโหลดlookbookและwallpaper projectได้ฟรีๆจากที่เว็ปไซสด้านบน/ล่างเลยจ้า enjoy!

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