Oct 16, 2011

utopia land / senada / the oddyssee

p lee chanita of senada, she is a master of feminine clothing.i gave her full credit for started this whole "girlie movement" in thai fashion many years back. this is really a perspective from a designer women point of view to women and girl everywhere. for a/w2011-12 senada take us to the unknown land "the twilight dream" the idol space that full of dreams, flamingo rocks and steel. but the cloths are real as much as it can gets. full of delicate details like wonderful print on velvet, the gather the pin tuck etc. look at it with your heart and you will see. that utopia land is not that far away.

okay! my polaroid camera decide to act up on me. and it happen to be on the day i need them most. its like every time i took a picture it will delay for 5 sec. wat da f**k so it came out like dis. i kinda like it tho. but too bad i had such a good spot front row. anyway, theoddyssee by nong kay's show tonight was quit a success. the retro poetics boys and girls here are cute.the mood this season is very much into the woods, the print were charming and the color combination were terrific. just like the way oddyssee are.

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