Mar 25, 2011

bifw day1

 begin today. bangkok international fashion week at siam paragon. i was there observing. and report it back to you guys asap. that's how good the technology isn't it. lets use the most out of it
 what a chic collection it show so far. the dress , laser print jacket, thorn chiffon skirt and the unforgettable shoes! pop of wonder anatomie does it.
 wonder anatomie new collection "anatomie phenomena"
 wonder anatomie
tipayaphongpoosannaphong awwww so longggggg
 i got the new camera! and i'm playing  with it i'm still try to learn how to take a good picture. this is how it turn out. sorry you guys. blur blur but i quit like it it like a happy accident
 i love the styling on this one tho, the brown paper hair, glasses and shoes! (not so new) origami light color cloths. but all together its work. nisara new designer of dusk til dawn did it well.
 dusk til dawn
 siam center on third, secret address of homegrown and fresh new brands.
 it's 9 a.m. pretty flower!
 and the show before was ab-normal
 cute pair
 ab-normal been around thai fashion circle for sometimes, and everytime "ab" the designer did a show, he show us the stylish wearable beautiful color cloths for both guys and girls. what more do you want, so if you need to be on the spot at reasonable pay, go to ab-normal shop.
 ab designer
 cute pair sine and achi
 cute pair jan and aob
 ploy of
 pavel, model
 ston, nika
mile's top , chep monday denim and lub shoes.

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