Mar 21, 2011

4x4 man

 p ong & ninee
 dj benz ( it was his birthday by the way)
 moi & wong
 big boss p thag
 the designer of 4x4 men platt patsarun
 wisk & oh
p nat & kang
its the opening of 4x4 men shop. cool thai men's wear brand by S'fare. the shop located on 4th floor central world. please if you have time, do stop by. they offer you a complete line of a pretty neat sartorially looks for you if you are a man!

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  1. ชอบลุ๊คพี่เจน :)

    CONGRATULATIONS on the opening ka!

    วันก่อนเดินผ่านร้านเหมือนกัน ^^ เห็นอยู่แว๊บๆ

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