Jan 14, 2011

rick owens

 rick owens a/w2009
 women and men of rick is dark angel, this man is something, (born 1962) is an American fashion designer hailing from California, celebrated for his avant garde and subversive eye. he destroy all the conventional and rebuild the new beauty. women in leathers and men in heels. i love it!
 i woulden't want to get near her, michele-lamy-nils-butler-by-steven-klein-vogue-paris-november-2010 ผู้หญิงคนนี้อาจชอบมีเซ็กกับแมลงก้อได้นะ
 lovely drap dress, he so ฉลาด ที่เอาผ้ายืดธรรมดามาจับเดรปให้ดูสวยหรูได้
 loud techno, male nurse coats, smoke machines and hard leather were all part of rick owens' brilliant s/s11 show in paris
 the army of rick owens
 rick owens,  if i see him at night i would probably scream and runaway.
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  1. so scary, but SO fabulous. such an innovative beauty he has created.. xx