Jan 31, 2011

rsu 10aniversary show

 hi!, how was your weekend? mine was nice, i didn't go out on saturday night for a change. instead i went for a hair cut at siam. i use to always go to siam for clothes and accessories but now i don't go there that often no more. but every time i go there always something new!  like "the straw art" display at siam centre was woow. me and my friends try to figured out how they do it.

 relax weekend in american apparel and celine bag.
 paul, now he doing blog! at http://paultins.blogspot.com/ 
  switch side to friday eve at siam society for rungsit university 10th years anniversary.
 ku nate
maprag and friend / techin

 and the show! รวบรวมผลงานhi lightของนักเรียนแฟชั่นตลอด10ปีที่ผ่านมา.

interesting fabric and tecnique.
show did not run smoothly as i thought it was gonna be.
but some pieces is nice.

pe rong "playhound" said really good thing that day about, talent can not be build, but personal taste can. "พรสวรรค์สร้างไม่ได้ รสนิยมสร้างได้" i agree แต่จะออกมาดีหรือเปล่านั่นอีกเรื่อง

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