Jan 23, 2011

erotica fantasies

 i love this two tone dress! if you add a perl neck to it would b so chanel, if you add a stick to it would b so madonna dress in erotica mv.
 this is so clean so minimal so current! can be so celine.
 gosh! the pvc coat! thats so 70s s&m couture.
 this cadigan is so housewife and so prada last season.
 this safari style dress scream YSL YSL YSL!!!!!!!!!!
 and the shoes! roger vivier! "Pilgrim" pumps were elevated to an iconic .
my sunday night movies, Belle de Jour (1967, directed by Luis Buñuel)
Catherine Deneuve plays Séverine, a bourgeois housewife unable to commit sexually to her husband Pierre (Jean Sorel). Instead she fulfils her sadomasochistic fantasies by becoming prostitute in her her midweek afternoons. ‘Belle de jour’ at an intimately run brothel. Yves Saint Laurent designed the clothing specifically for Catherine Deneuve who remained his muse and dear friend until his death. the film show so many references to the fashion today, and the story line very close to my life, normal by day crazy by night!
whats your?

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