Jan 25, 2011

asian delight / behind shoot asava look book ss11

 i'm so excited to see asian face girl model in vogue us. february2011 issue!. look very modern in ps. this issue also first lunching all summer adds.
 photo shoot for asava lookbook  ss2011
 temia @wm 17yo.originally from Hungary. but today she portray a roll of busy NY. women.
 thanks to the wonderful location of the Metropolitan Bangkok. como suit
 pe nat team working professionally as much as they can get. i believe he is one of the most recognizable fashion photographer in bangkok today! i am honer, he doing this for us despise his busy schedule and so very happy to got a chance to work with him again. pe ped ( make-up artist) also i admire his knowledge in fashion and sense of humor. pe conti ( stylist) i met him 10 years ago since i first come back from us. to bangkok. so we know each other well. pe koi ( pe nat's sister) co-ordinated everything, she make sure that everything goes ok and it is
 seko the hair-stylist magic hand.
 amazing how he can transform things! through his eyes
 funny how in NY, asian face is in while opposite here in BKK. we like the beautiful strawberry blond.
today in marni.

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