Nov 29, 2010


  this is a great great website call into the analyzes current fashion trends, sources of inspirations and similarities within collections. here are some samples, Guy Bourdin and prada s/s 2000 lips skirt.
 a picture by Helmut Newton from 1985 [left] showing an outfit of Yves Saint Laurent's Rive Gauche collection from 1985. On the wall a portrait series by andy warhol done in 1972. Gucci's SS 2011 collection [right].
  a wonderful picture from 1971 by barry lategan [left] and a 70ties inspired collection by Marc Jacobs for SS 2011 [right].
 the Balenciaga top is just a wonderful piece of fashion [left]....was about time to see it again! Tom Ford's dress-version with its deep neckline is of course sexier and extremely modern [right].
both versions are beautiful...the winter, leather Watanabe jacket [left] and the summer, suede, Ackermann vest [right].
here's my own version , balenciaga in vogue september 1950 (photograph by Irving Penn)and flynow a/w 2010
left is asava a/w 2009 and balenciaga in vogue september 1953 right 
(photograph by Richard Avedon) hehehe

to me nothing is new since 1995, there is so much retro in fashion and come back of many vintage pieces. personally i like word  like inspire, not copy. so if any one want to talk about my work, they better know dame well good fashion history ok.

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