Nov 30, 2010

julie verhoeven

 lascivious, frivolous, playful, at times overtly sexual; the girls (and they are primarily girls) of artist and designer julie verhoeven’s surreal world are no shrinking violets. Instead, rendered in elegant, serpentine lines and smudgy colours.the londoner julie has worked in numerous ways across fashion and design, from illustration to creative direction and design consultancy for such as Louis Vuitton , Mulberry, martine sitbon, and italian house of Gibo.  via another

 this one call the pleasure is all mine. i love!!
 i love look at the girl in her illust, they look sexy
 beautiful use of colour
 this one is for versace, my least fav
 her book, gas แต่ดูเด็ก
she did cd covers, and collab w h&m home and w cacharel, list go on
 w gibo in 2003. hey thats almost 8 yrs ago. still look good huh?
 julie in her apartment
 some of her late work in magazine.
in prada                          

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