Nov 10, 2010

saint etienne

 i heard this track for the first time on the radio during my trip to LA. christmas 1991
 her voice immediately got me!
 i rush out to buy the cd and love them even more.

 saint etienne r sarah cracknell  bob stanley and pete wiggs  they r form england w the accent in "who do you think you are" when they sing i can't see เค้าออกเสียงเป็น ค้าน ไม่เหมือนคนอเมริกัน จะพูดว่า แค้น. i love the anonymous covers!

 in 1995, the band co-recorded the reserection EP with french pop star Étienne Daho; later, they also worked on his album Eden and single "Le Premier Jour."

 this is the music i listen to  when gettin ready in pink t shirt and rubber pants to go clubbing on saturday night during90's

 some great art work you can only find only on cds cover not in Ipod
 the 2005 album tales from turnpike house features david essex as a guest vocalist. several tracks on the album were co-written and co-produced by brian higgins' songwriting production team, xenomania.

 finisterre was released in 2002

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