Nov 27, 2010

love is like a warm gun

 love is like a warm gun yes!, love can make you live or die! in this age of celebrity designer, can be the same. doung monlada the dougher of khun montri pongpanich  the late vice-prime minister of Thailand and khunying tida. after 6 yrs of her fashion study aboard in London and parson new york. she come back to Bangkok to show her first collection of women's and menswear name "love death" the wild arrays from day wear to evening. she mix the 1800s history costume details like lace,silk satin and smocking with modern graphic details.
this is how u start the brand and do the show: gift to the press and guests audience, they love freebies.

 Jor Artita in cobalt silk jersey jumpsuit. i like
 i love this lady in pink, shes like who's care, hahah
 nong tey
ying mangmoon work the runway
here are some pieces i like
cool cape

back details

welcome to fashion! Monlada xxxx

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