Oct 18, 2010


 senada* a/w10-11 lookbook photos by Nat Prakobsantisuk  styled by conti p.
 new shop on 2nd floor CTW. parisian coffee shop w art deco feel. fashion and food combine well.

 cute cupcake! yum yum
 vintage maniquint repaint and wiged i love it.
 p num, and p lee chanita the lady behide success of senada* she is my mentor. i worked with senada* for about 5 years i know this girl by heart, shes feminine poetics, and always look back to her nostagia memory.

 pomme (girl who made the cupcake:) in senada*
 nan, actress in senada*

 pop, fashion student in his own design heheh!

 matina,pimdow, kly the three sisters of sretsis.
 finane at space age retronica at senada* for elle fashion week at CTW.
i love this wicket girly collection by senada* she mixs baby doll dresses and pretty smock blouse w graphic motocycle pants and skirt. the curve of art nouveau mix w fairys dance in galexy prints. the fine use of rich fabrics like organza silk, cape de chine silk and light wool felt.

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