Oct 15, 2010

let it all begin / elle fahion week 2010

 pop, designer wonder anatomie
 titi, designer 4x4

 paul, max
 it, stylist
 me, greyhound tee vintage jacket and balenciaga pant
 pia, issue acessory designer/ ng
 ploy, topshop stylist
 tlm, lips magazine stylist
 p rong, playhound designer

 stocking from topshop
 เติ้น designer kloset
 non, interior designer in vintage dress
 bloom kloset designer in her own design
 mary? at kloset

 bangkok thailand fashion week begun last night w greyhound show mark this one celebrate it 30th anniversary at elle fashion week @CTW. follow by kloset (picture) show their a/w 2010 "surrender to me" collection. kloset shown their dna style of cute print,beautiful color combination w a hint of vintage L'Amour.

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