Oct 18, 2010

fashion snap elle fw aw2010

niki.vj                feliz, stylistau

p ped apichart in rodarte wowwww!

i love her shoes.

ploy chrman, actress

charan andreas, model

duang, designer in vintage
magmoom, designer ,carry her own bag 

 ark, mark k. bag designer
 at vatit itti. so beautiful i got goose bum. especially the white section r so exquisite.

 new girl in town k&i by kai by nong dear.
 me in mui mui and vintage jean and jacket.
 doesn't he cute? hahahah
 front row at 4x4 show ,p anna, mangmom,?,??, dj joke, ?,??
 4x4 man
 4x4 man i can't wait to see all mans to get themself in 4x4 its looks cool and handsome.
 zoli, model
nee, duang at w hotel @elle fw.

 stylish guys.
peng                         paloy

fran in realistic   chom in disaya

pym,accessory designer in her own design

chut              deer and beer, photographers

 luk nut, stylist
 techin, designer
 my favorite show at elle fashion week is "curated" by ek thongprasert the first part of show is men's wear,which i'm gonna skip tho because is not as special as the second part of women's wear, the candy color, body con dress r pair w wedge shoes make it modern. the embroidery over net leave the fringe effect and good impression. surprisingly beautiful pleated hand fold on dress and more. i cant get enough of it.

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