Oct 26, 2010


 a/w09 " the wall street goddess"
  s/s10 " the other upper west side"

  s/s10 " the other upper west side"
press kid by slow motion. look book photo by beer, model caloline, face hair am

a/w10 “the manhattan collage”

at the rehersal 9am. ahrrrrrrr

hair team lead by p kai, face team lead by p ped  ไก่ เป็ด หมู ขาด เห็ด หุหุหุ
 back stage hair and make up
 mirium 16 yr from north thailand
 back stage before the show
 nice caterring from white cafe'
hey hey สาวอาร์ตตัวแม่!

 photo by  Jan Mantanakorn


 photo by  Jan Mantanakorn

i met p moo polpat during my vacation trip to ny back in 1998. and we met again in bkk. he told me that he have been wanted to do his own line of women’s wear and have asked me if i want to be a designer for his brand “asava” . the brand was lunch in 2008 and open the first shop at siam paragon. this show  make our 7th collection “The Manhattan Collage” the same New York women who into american sportswear but this season she was inspire by  museum art pieces at moma. and interpitate  into an artsy wear minimalistic like simple tee shirt with maxi skirt. predominant colors are white, black, gray, beige, caramel, powder blue, purple hues, and nudes. We use lots of fine fabric like silk. asava women is young socialize and down to earth. she is like p moo in many ways. and asava is like me in many ways, realistic and approachable.


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