Mar 28, 2012

god? / mypick ss12

just wrap up Bangkok Fashion Week summer 2012 collection. now is time for my pick International collection autumn/ winter 2012. this is a guide to the next wish list or must buy looks or items of the season by Candy

 ตอนที่เห็นรูปของโชว์ Jil Sander and the final show by Raf Simon อันนี้ครั่งแรกมาร์กนอนกริ๊ดดดดดอยู่คนเดียว.....มันสวยจับ...ม๊ากกก
 love the space monster at Mugler the coolness never leave the room
 wow! the Ice Queen at Alexander McQueen this season is jaw dropping.
 Balmain this collection are just magnificent! EVERY pieces!! imagine my Balmain sweat pant cost 12,000- sale price. what about this dress?
 New on my pick! Anthony Vaccarello. จับตาดูเค้ากันนะคะ
Jesus Christ! This is so YSL. this chainmail dress just blown me away. Stefano Pilati will stay in my heart always even he is leaving the house of  yves saint laurent
 I want this leather coat by ying Alexander Wang.
 oh yess! the prisma a la mode at Chanel. the setting are again bigger than life!
 gothic trend are seeing everywhere, explain here by damirdoma
 dark angle at Gareth Paugh
 I always the Rick Owens cult fan
 modern sporty and feminine at Stella Mccartney
 Nicolas ghesquière love the 80s but thats what he does best, the collection remain the stark shape, strong silhouettes which is what the house of Balenciaga are all about.
 David Komaa new entry he so fresh and shaply thats what i like.
 i dont even have to say name, you can pinpoint that this is sooooooo Celine.
i like the baggy and tomboy of Proenza Schouler
 i always love the artsy sense of Rodarte
 Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs. if you take away the big hats and the bully styling out, still remain the nicely structure beautiful designer cloths.
 miu mui, need i say more?
 mama Prada. i luv u xoxo . you put woman around the world back into skirt and earring now you will put them into a cool graphic prints.
 a must this season! is the opposite of minimal. the cross stitch & baroque chic jacket at Dolce & Gabbana
the woman at Lavin are smart and rich. what else?

so no Givenchy and many others. anyway these are my pick. thank you Daze. coutecoute.

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