Mar 2, 2013

homage / cu thesis show 2013

supperimposed reflect by chakkrit
mm mystic marine by ornpalin
zen by kamonnart
zen by kamonnart
harry pocket by kraivich
realness in the realms of unreal by saruti
I felt so anxious lately about my life. i spend so much time want to make women happy. i paid homage to the iconic. working to make old things new again. was it worthed? i don't know. but at the end of the day when someone walk up to me and say, i love your blog i read it everyday. That's what make me smile and happy.
Congratulations! to all the Chulalongkorn University Fashion student.
thesis show at CTW.
now it's time for you to fly and shine. show the world what you've got. good luck.

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