Jul 8, 2012

style report

 July is my favorite month because it is my birthday month. A lot going on this month, one is mid-year Sale!

 with my goofy girlfriend Kate.
 the fabulously Lek "don't hate me"
 my Shirt is comme des garcons, lace with silk organza overlay and embroidery skirt is Louis Vuitton. Lek is (always) in vintage pajama shirt from Paris and trouser.
 I made my wish and blow..... Thx! Kincuchino Siam Vintage for a lovely dinner and cake.
 The same night is the grand opening of Louis Vuitton boutique at Siam Paragon.
 then the cool drinks with the รักสนุก gang at Glow. Gene, P Pey and Sanshai
 P Art getting wild in /CC/ necklace
 Kate, moi, and Lek picture by P Pey

"Polaroid don't lie"
have a nice night, everyone! thanks for come visit.

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