Jul 21, 2012

forever young / g gub

I pay visit to p Ong and p Candy the lady of the same name of my drag named because when i drag i seem overly sweet. any way i love this art space "Gub" (name from p Candy's son) Here they have the famouse "Blossom bag" and others cool stuff like paintings, art objects, home decorating mostly handmade. i love p Candy and p Ong style i feel thing that were personalized with highly character and story are so charming. if you like what i see and if you are cartoon fan please visit Gub store at The Promanade, Swiss Hotel Wireless Road.
ร้าน GUB เดอะพรอมมานาดท์ชั่น2 ถนนวิทยุ

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