Apr 1, 2012

say cheeze!

 p poo, the editor
 mmcandy in headpiece by 77th, painkiller blazer, prada shirt and pant.
 p rong
 boy, the winner best designer
 o and p ong
 nee the winner best blogger, note the winner best party promoter, and phang
 si and toni
 luknut me and deer
 air the winner for party promoter
 jo, koy, guy



 chist and paloy

 amm, jog

Cheeze Magazine the number1 street style culture fashion look book in Thailand and Cheeze Looker the coolest looking gentleman magazine honer the style icons who inspire others, with Cheeze Awards 2. MMCANDY was honer in the "best fashion blogger style icon" category. Thank you Cheeze and congratulation to all winners. kisssss i love you xoxo

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