Nov 30, 2011

gift destination / almeta

New year shopping & holiday is coming! and christmas is waiting around the corner. so let me show you some ideas gift.
 this is the premium quality Cire Trudon candels and room of the oldest candels company in frence since 1643. comes in 12 different smell. my fav is "dada and mille de la villiere" very refresh and created a good mood like standing in the middle of an old church. price from 3,900-6,500-b
 imported tea from Taste & Co. consists of 12 flavours such as black, white, green and apple my favorite is peach flavour.
 ploy p.o box
 au mepanya
 k prey the beautiful pr.
 p ploy jariyavej, columnist
 p nym.
 me in rick owens today.
 p 1. and ploy
photo by mepunya
 i like the idea of wearing lots of diamonds during daytime with rick owens ofcause.
 tlm and ae
 gift from almeta; the "stink bombs" from cire trvdon. thank you!
 the blogger lunch today with "almeta" was to introduced the finest gift ideas and home decoration imported from france and italy. most impressive worth mention was the washable silk a la carte from northeast of thailand that comes in 1,000 different colors and yarn! ALMETA boutique showroom located at the center of bangkok's Gaysorn shopping center 3rd floor. tel. 02 656-1070. sukhumvit showroom soi23 tel. 02 204-1413. for more information >>>>>>

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