Nov 21, 2011

rick owens book

some peek preview from the goth icon designer like rick owens. this is the first time story and work have been brought together into one book. published by Rizzoli. the book come in big size you might need someone help you carry. started in downtown L.A. 1994 owens's subversive designs have now become some of the most critically admired in the international avant-garde style. “grunge meets glamour,”  is how he described himself. this gritty elegance is being admired ranging from Kate Moss to Courtney Love to Terence Koh. to me and many of my friends. the dark vision also expand to his cool furniture. ไปหาดูกันได้เเล้วนะคะถ้าเป็นแฟนของพี่ริก หนังสือรวมงานและรูปภาพของเค้า งานนี้รับรองไม่เปียก เพราะเค้าฉี่อยู่ในหนังสือ

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